Tourism Object of Lake Toba West Sumatra, Indonesia


Lake Toba or Danau Toba is the biggest lake in South East Asia. The lake was made by a Super Volcano eruption 75,000 years ago. The volcano activity also created a small island called Samosir in the middle of the lake. There is also a small cape attached to Samosir, with Tuktuk Village on it. The village is a great place to have some chilling time in some days after trekking.

Activities and Sights

Lake Toba isn’t made to be a full tourism area. But the beautiful views and nature can become a relaxed place to enjoy in some days. There are some interesting things to enjoy around the lake area such as:

  • Stone Chairs. This site is the place where you can learn about the original culture and also the legend of local tribe Batak.
  • The Grave of King Sidabutar. The Batak King grave is located in Tomok, about 5 kilometers from Tuktuk Village.
  • Huta Bolon Simanindo Museum. It situated in Simanindo, about 15 kilometers from Tuktuk Village. It was a traditional house and now has been restored and became a museum of Batak sculptures, traditional weapons and carvings.
  • Danau Toba Festival. It is an annual festival held in June for one week. The festival shows cultural performances of Batak as well as canoe races.

How to Get There

You can get into Danau Toba area by car, bus and boat. Start the trip from Medan, Northern of Sumatra or Bukit Lawang. By hiring a car and the private driver, you can have more comfortable trip but should pay higher than taking a bus. Negotiate the driver to make the price lower. However, the car will only take you until Parapat and you should take a ferry to reach Samosir Island. The same way can be had by bus but you can spend lower money to travel by bus.

From Parapat, you can take a ferry that is available every 2 hour; 9.30 am for the first and 6.00 pm for the last. The sailing time will last about 45 minutes and you only need to pay IDR 7,000 for the ticket bought on the boat. The stop of the boat is at Bagus Bay, but you can request the captain if you need to stop in certain location. Whilst the ferry to go back is available start from 7.00 am. Ask the hotel about the boat information.

Get around the Lake Toba

The very small island of Samosir makes the area is only full of motorbikes as the transportation. Meanwhile, there are only limited sums of public buses and they don’t take you to Tuktuk. To get around the island, you can hire a motorbike by spending about IDR 70,000 per day. You also can choose to hire a bicycle, but the area is not easy for bicycle riding. Otherwise, you also can explore the island easily by foot, yet you certainly should prepare much energy to do the trekking. When you feel hungry, trying some local food in the small restaurants throughout the island may give you some unique experiences.

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