The Baliem Valley Wamena Papua, Indonesia

Festival-Lembah-Baliem-Wamena-Papua The Baliem Valley Wamena Papua, Indonesia

Baliem Valley is the most visited place by some tourists who visit West Papua. It belongs to a rewarding and easy place to travel around for the green, lush, mountainous view, and interesting culture. The place is quite easy to access even the road access is in poor quality. Dani Tribe is one of the most interesting parts of Baliem valley. Some older people of the tribe were cannibals until 40-50 years ago. The men wear kotekas or the traditional gourds to cover their penis. Meanwhile, the women wear grass skirts as their traditional clothes. The tribe live in their traditional huts with circular grassed roof.

How to Get There The Baliem Valley

You can book a flight to the main airport of West Papua, Sentani and then continue to Wamena. Wamena is the main town of Baliem Valey. There are some flights arrived in Wamena every day and you can buy the tickets immediately after you get to Sentani. You shouldn’t book the ticket first and the price is about US$100 for one way flight. When you have arrived to Wamena and check into the hotel, you should apply a permit or so locally called as Surat Jalan in the Police Office.

Wamena is the largest town in West Papua but it only has 10,000 people live inside. You will see many pedal rickshaws as the vehicles and only some cars on the streets of the town. To reach Baliem Valley, you have to take a public transport to the west Lani country. If you trek to the east, you will see Yalimo and Mek country. And if you trek to the south in about 1 month, you will find a treehouse tribe called Korowai. Among some tribes there, the most traditional dress found in Yalimo.

Find a Guide The Baliem Valley Wamena – Papua

When you explore Baliem Valley, you won’t need a guide. Most villages there can be reached through the road network and there pubic transports that can be taken from the town area. If you trek to Kiroma, you will see many villages and the paths have clear marks. Besides, you also can find many local people passing the ways up to Yogosem. That is why you don’t need a guide so much.

If you think that you should have a guide, you can find many people who can speak English as you land to Wamena. But it is more recommended to hire a guide when you have checked into the hotel, so you can get the real crooks. Besides, it is also recommended to pay the guide with daily fee. The guide will also become the porter and cook during the trek. But you will pay the money to buy foods as long as the trekking; about IDR 100,000 per day. Meanwhile, the accommodation is also about IDR 100,000. Otherwise, you can pay the guide IDR 300,000 to cover all things needed during the trekking. For more information in details about Baliem Valley, you can see the official website of Wamena and find al information needed there.

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Pictures The Baliem Valley Papua Indonesia

Festival-Lembah-Baliem-Wamena-Papua-1 The Baliem Valley Wamena Papua, Indonesia
The Baliem Valley Wamena

photo-The-Baliem-Valley-Papua The Baliem Valley Wamena Papua, Indonesia The-Baliem-Valley-Papua-indonesia The Baliem Valley Wamena Papua, Indonesia The-Baliem-Valley The Baliem Valley Wamena Papua, Indonesia The-Baliem-Valley-Papua-pic-1 The Baliem Valley Wamena Papua, Indonesia